Twice In A Row!



    And here is Gul Panag again on my radar, for reasons not so rosy!

    Ms. Panag was at the Audio Launch of Manorama Six Feet under, working the bare midriff look, yet again! Is it just me or she looks like she is out and about in her night clothes? So ok, we get it, you have a flat stomach and great abs, but there are better ways to drive that point home. There have got to be. And that peachy excuse of an outfit just won’t fly!

    She is a such a beautiful woman and its such a shame that she keeps popping up on my radar!

    And now compare that to the lacy, whimsical dress that Charlize Theron wore for the premiere of her new movie, The Valley Of Elah at the Venice Film Festival!


    The colors here too are muted and understated and the dress has a flimsy, transluscent feel which gives it that ultra feminine and flirty, dreamlike quality! Charlize’s little-off-white-dress also has ribbon detailing but thats where all similarities end. Ms. Theron’s dress was at a whole other level and absolutely stunned!

    You know, who worked the ‘Chic’, don’t you?



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