The ‘Green’ Campaign


    Its been a while now since the Simmons Jewelry Co. introduced the Green Initiative collection and those divine green bracelets. I saw the ad first in July, in Vanity Fair but only the other day did I see someone actually wearing it! And it just is totally pretty! And the fact that it goes towards a good cause, should warm your heart and make you feel less guilty about buying trinkets!

    Buy Via Simmons Jewelry Co

    The Green Bracelets are made from green malachite and rough, African diamonds. Half of the profits from the sales of the bracelets will benefit Simmons’ Diamond Empowerment Fund (D.E.F.), an international, nonprofit organization that aims to raise money for educational programs in Africa. Each bracelet is priced at $125. My only grouse is that, look how wonderful Kimora Lee looks with a bunch of bundled bracelets, but at $125 a piece thats sadly not a look for me to flaunt!


    But hey, its for a great cause and a lot of celebs are wearing them too! Are you?



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