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While heading in to the local airport recently, Sonam was photographed wearing matching plaid separates with a white shirt and Nike sneakers. Her arm candy included a Bottega Veneta ‘Arco’ bag, one of the two gifted to her by the brand as seen on her Instagram Stories. Love the bag, the separates not so much.

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Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor via Instagram

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani + Instagram

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  1. When a brand gifts a bag “free” to a celebrity , it makes me feel that the brand is charging us commoners extra to compensate for the same. It is a major turn off for me. Would never buy the brand.

    • No denying that! However, this applies to the fee people (mostly bwood stars) starring in commercials get as well, it all comes out of us (buying customers’ pockets), just saying…
      PS: not buying that bag either, don’t have money to burn on brands like such

    • All brand ambassadorships are paid for by the consumers. Given how every pedestrian household thing in India is now endorsed by a Bolly celeb, it’s impossible to avoid.

  2. Let’s see…Bottega Veneta brand revenue is around what the Ahuja/Kapoor family is jointly worth, and they still see it fit to GIFT this silver-spoon fed diva designer bags? She and her hubby together alone will be billionaires for sure by the time they are 40, it just seems to obscene and repulsive to flaunt such “gifts” on social media.

    • Sonam Kapoor gets 10 to 15 and maybe even more brands gifting her all kinds of things on weekly basis which include clothes, bags, shoes, food items, skin care items, jewelry and bags etc. Its a sort of an advertisement method like ‘we are not paying you to be our spokesperson but would love it if you would flaunt our merchandise to your followers for free so that we get some recognition’. You would have to be in denial if you think Sonam doesn’t have that kind of social media influence to effect sales. She once helped Rohit Bal sell out a lehenga on spot after a bridal show. Its a win-win for both. She doesn’t need but gets free stuff and they get some free advertisement. So, this is ‘obscene’ if you think of it that way. This is just marketing and branding in the simplest of terms. As long as people will buy these things from seeing her social media stories, they will continue to send her these things.

  3. The bag! So ginormous! even tall Sonam is dwarfed by it. The separates are so boring when she could have worn a nice solid red dress to set off the brown of the bag’s leather. Otherwise what she’s wearing is absolutely fine and I like her dressed casually like this.

  4. Also, my complete two week US trip from India, including food, stay and air tickets was 4000 USD. Now compare that to the price of this bag. I will never understand luxury brands.

  5. OF COURSE they are!!
    Agree would never buy this brand
    These celebrities are hoarders of freebies
    She has so much money she could have donated the price of the bag to a charity as a token

  6. Oh this brand bag and for that matter all high end designer bags are Super Super expensive. Can’t afford to buy those. Gifting those bags to celebrities…don’t know what to say?! Celebs, advertisement,marketing gimmicks to make normal people buy these!!


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