The Chic And The Eeeeeew!

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As great as Dia looked in her LBD paired with a red patent skinny belt, one just couldn’t take their eyes off of Shibani and her bizarre metallic dress.

What was that strange detailing on Shibani’s waist? One of the worst metallic dresses I have seen in the longest time. And all those lights and camera flashes aren’t helping her cause either. Disaster.

Dia Mirza
Shibani Kashyap


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  1. Dia has a nice body finally so the dresses are finally working on here
    whereas the other girl has the eww factor and a bad body and thus the dress looks awful

  2. aaaahhhh…ACID pretty much sums up the overdose of metallic! From your posts, it seems as if a LOT of the people at that party took the name literally.


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