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Opting for ikat again was Ms. Sutaria, this time wearing a strapless top and skirt set paired with minimalist sandals. I would’ve loved to see a boyfriend blazer or even a sleeveless long vest to tie the two pieces together but then we’ve seen that it’s not her style. She definitely doesn’t like layering.

Tara Sutaria

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I saw a video where she was trying to sit but was so uncomfortably conscious of the short dress, she was sitting cross side throughout the press conference

  2. Didn’t even realise my brain has secretly buried a 3 decade old Juhi Chawla-Rishi kapoor song and now I can’t get it out of my head,

    “Towel mein baahar jaaogi, toh halla mach jaaega… “

  3. That must be layers and layers of makeup.

    And why does this new lot wear what they are comfortable in? It makes one cringe to see them uncomfortable in these clothes that make any sort of movement awkward.

  4. Dresses can be worn on their own and jackets are not mandatory, not in Mumbai weather for sure..
    Why should Tara go for layering just for the heck off it

  5. I am not expecting anything other than crop tops and mini’s from Tara.

    I like the print on this one and she is looking good, except for those blonde highlights and tons of make up.

  6. I think this is fine as it is. Don’t see a need for the jacket.
    Nice print.
    The top looks like a body suit tucked in and don’t like the gap. Otherwise it’s fine.

  7. Tara’s makeup artist should chill on YOUTUBE kind of makeup and do some real makeup artist stuff. The fact that tara and disha both are stuck in same dated phase of dressing and are working together is a little hilarious.

  8. This is a cute outfit and she looks nice.. After the last Ikat sighting, this one is fabulous.
    I don’t think she’s looking uncomfortable nor is it our concern how she sat down!

    I do think her makeup is awful .. it isnt enhancing her beauty at all..


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