Of Promotions: Part Deux

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At promotions, Disha was seen in a halter top, drawstring maxi skirt from Meshki and Zori boots. Disha has her signature style and so am not surprised at the clothing but what’s got me scratching my head are the boots. Weird pick.

Disha Patani

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Disha is stuck in a “must look sexy” rut since time immemorial. I can’t make head or tail of this outfit and the amount of glistening body makeup is making my eyes hurt.

  2. Needless to say, she has an incredible physique but that outfit looks like something one would wear at a beach holiday rather than a movie event. She should have found a more creative and subtle way to showcase her curves.

  3. Can’t get over the amount of makeup/ bronzer on her face and body. It’s what I use in a year. Lol
    Outfit looks like hunterwali decided to go to gym . Ugh so bad

  4. I read the text as: “At promotions, Disha was seen in a halter top, drawstring maxi skirt and BOOBS.”. I don’t think anyone can blame me for that. The outfit is best suited for gym or beach. She is lost when it come to fashion.

    Ps: Looks like she went skinny dipping in bronzer.

    Back to back spottings of Disha and Tara has my head reeling.

  5. Does she have a stylist? Even without one, she has managed to look bad 😛
    I bet no one wanted to touch her lest they got the body bronzed rubbing off on their clothes. Such a mess. And a trying too hard but looking tacky look

  6. The V-shape of the pant is really weird. If this is what she likes, she should just stick to athleisure. This is neither here nor there.

  7. I didn’t mind the outfit as much, she quite rocks the look with her to-die-for abs. I didn’t like the hair extensions, which kind of looks too volumnous and border line video game weird!

  8. Astha sharma is doing a really bad job but than i think this is what disha wants to look tacky all the damn time. This look doesn’t even need any stylist. She can do so much betterrrr.

  9. This girl is lovely looking and has a great figure, which she see seems to work hard at mintaining.

    Let her wear what she likes.

    To older eyes young women have questionable taste. But young women are often just having fun, evolving, going through phases. Let them be instead of being judgemental.

    • I don’t care for Disha’s outfit, however, I love this comment and we need more people like you around in this world 🙂

    • I do like your comment about being non judgemental but this is blog dedicated to judging fashion! We come here for the very same purpose so it’s a bit of a moot point to say so.

      Also, it isn’t about age. I’m a 2-3 years elder to Disha and sitting with 4-5 colleagues all younger to her .. and we all agree this outfit and hair is horrendous.

      I do agree that a lot of the bashing on this forum can be explained by generation gaps but trust me Disha’s style choices do not fall under the same bracket.

      I rem when MS Dhoni movie came out with both Disha and Kiara and it seemed like two really pretty and talented actresses are coming to the forefront.. I’m not Kiara’s fan but look how her style has evolved from starlet to star… Disha is by far the prettier one and she seems like a sweet person too.. We all want her to dress upto her potential that’s all.

      Perhaps the language could be more tempered while judging her fashion choices. With you on that one!

      • Thanks for the reply!

        For sure people will have takes. But imo some women seem to cop a lot of takes that often have less to do with fashion than aversion to young women who don’t dress “appropriately” (I didn’t realise Disha’s age, I thought like early 20s but still young imo). And yes of course she will be rated by her peers too. Anyway I am older and I can say that when you are young you should do as you like, make sartorial mistakes, look good despite that 🙂 and to hell with the judgeys.

        And Disha may dress the same at 60. But imo that’s fine. It may not be anyone’s cup of tea but she always looks happy and comfortable. It is her style and she shouldn’t have to fit into our norma of dressing well.

        • I totally understand your perspective about “women pulling women down” but trust me.. every critique cannot be brushed under that carpet. By doing so you’re doing a great disservice to women everywhere.

          I’m sure some of the criticism does originate from the motivations mentioned by you but definitely not all.

          Baring skin hasn’t increased drastically in the last 10 years as it had in earlier similar time frames. In fact someone in 30s now wore a lot more body cons and strapless than someone in early 20s now who prefers more anti fit and looser clothes.. one only has to stand outside a nightclub in south bbay now and compare with the clubbing crowd 10-15 years ago to realise this.. I feel I show a lot more skin than my friends who are a decade younger..

          so one can’t automatically assume everytime a woman in 30s is criticising the style of a younger woman it is because she herself cannot wear revealing clothes and hence is judgemental..

          Also again, this whole blog is for critiquing fashion and style.. we aren’t here to “see she’s happy and comfortable and let her be”.
          Then P&P might as well do away with the entire comments section and only give us smile, big smile and bigger smile emojis to play with.

          Of course Disha has the right to dress however she wants.. so does everyone else.. at any age for that matter.. and I’m sure she’s enjoying it and saying “to hell with the judgeys” as you put it.. Don’t we all in our worlds? But that doesn’t make all fashion critique comments jealous and judgmental..

  10. poor girl.. didnt get the time to change from workout clothes.. still sweaty and shiny all over.. ( this is wat a non fashion educated person would think )


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