In Jean Paul Gaultier Couture


At the Awards, it was Gaultier couture for Sonam. It at once feels both today and deliciously Seventies… No one else could’ve pulled it off like she does. Love!

For now, more pictures here. Check back later for additional images.


Left: Jean Paul Gaultier Couture, Fall 2013
Right: Sonam Kapoor At GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2013


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Maybe it’s the lighting or the pose but the model is working this look better than Sonam. Although I love that Sonam tried something completely different, it’s definitely not one of her best looks.

  2. so unflattering on her..It’s a great dress, but there’s too muh happening, those huge earrings that big hair, she could have had her hair down in a side braid and it would have looked so much better.

  3. The hairdo doesn’t look great with the earrings. How did she wear the exact same earrings as on the model? I mean, doesn’t she think twice before copying look completely? She looks good expect fot the earrings — I think they look too big on her face.

    • If she’d skipped the earrings, the look would work better. Also, the pockets sticking out are really throwing the proportions off and making her look comical. I still stand by my original comment, but such an absurd look from one of my favorite fashionista’s merits more than a three word comment!

    • The look is beyond ridiculous, it is downright tacky and should be on your WTHeyy!!! gallery. P&P would not have a problem giving a not-favourable feedback if someone other than Sonam had worn this monstrous thing…the woman is far from being a fashionista (to some) to me.

  4. Despite your fan-girling (“No one else could’ve pulled it off like she does”!!), I think Sonam looks comical. That dress is unflattering on her (a singularly ugly dress, though the model is carrying off the look pretty well) and as usual over-kill from Sonam.

  5. The dress makes her look twice her size. In her first pic next to the model, it feels like she is making so much effort balancing her earrings. The print on the dress is MEH and makes me feel dizzy.

  6. The only person who could’ve pulled this off at an red carpet event is Sonam. I personally love the look & think she carries it off effortlessly.

  7. Blatantly copying the model is a complete no-no. The earrings are tacky, the hairstyle looks too tight & painful & the dress is beyond ugly & looks a size or two bigger for her.

    • Really a no-no? Not in the western fashion world dear. Sometimes it´s best to keep the styling from head to toe. Besides, her chignon is different from the runway…
      although the dress is indee a size bigger, she still is owning it, i think.

  8. really pnp?!! bias for sonam has suppressed your eyesight…made u blind :P its a badly shaped dress meant for girls with 0 hips,its making sonam look 3 times her size…and the styling tacky

  9. Even I feel P&P, u guys are being a li’l biased. Not feeling the gown on Sonam; the lower half is so unflattering on her. Plus too tight hair and those big earrings do nothing to that petite face.. and this is the probably the first time I’m seeing her copying the entire look from the ramp. minus points :/

    • The look is a shame, what were they thinking. The fact that they selected the look speaks of their bad taste. The actor takes her fashionista tag too much for granted

  10. Hahaha, I guess people who comment here on Sonam’s post are the most biased (negative) and with real hatred. If you don’t like the look just don’t comment! All your haters comments are missing on other girls post! Why, do you all just come here to bash P&P and ridicule Sonam’s style!

    As for the look, she is rocking the animal print like no one else! I love this from h2t! It’s not trying hard, it’s making it work perfectly.

  11. Just because sonam is wearing it doesn’t make it stylish. The whole outfit ages her. Does a mis justice to her body shape, Infact theres a whole queen latifah drag queen-ish vibe. Seriously dislike. Also, blatant copy of the runway look, and she is our style role model. Meh.

      • I don’t think Ileana can. She is pretty broad on her hips which will make this dress look even more big on her frame with the exaggeration on the sides. Shilpa Shetty a definite yes and Lisa too.

  12. It’s funny how she’s bein talked about the most admist all the women present there. Also, how striking does she look? This woman takes her chances and pulls them off!

  13. Even though I like what sonam wears most of the times……she looks beyond ridiculous here……….its like a tiny head sticking out of that enormous ( makes her look huge and frumpy dress) ……the earrings being the last straw…..

  14. If not for the earrings and the hair I may have bought the look but as it stands it is ridiculous – head-to-toe
    It’s ok to be inspired by the runway – but runway looks are meant to be over the top and not for off the run way
    Sonam can pull off a lot – but even she can’t pull off those crazy earrings – especially not with the already busy dress
    major fail

  15. Let me begin first by saying I absolutely admire Sonam for her daring fashion choices (i.e. the gold and black Mcqueen) and her love for fashion and being presentable. The GQ awards was her moment to shine! GQ is a male-based magazine and what do men love? Curves, simplicity, attitude, and finesse. This Gaultier piece does not do any of those characteristics (or her) any justice! This head to toe mimic off the runway looks great within its collection, but so jarring individually. Please tell me that Anghvari or Qureshi did not style her! Such a fashion nono…I can almost hear Joan Rivers screaming in my ears. C’mon Sonam, stick to your innerdiva.

  16. I would assume that all these years in the limelight would have taught Sonam what suits her body type and what doesn’t. This clearly is a fail. Sonam is a beautiful lady with curves. This dress just makes her look big. She and her stylists must learn to use her body to her advantage. I used to love her looks, but nowadays her looks are too contrived. Kangana and Neha Dhupia also take fashion risks, but most importantly they look fashionable and fun while Sonam looks like trying too hard.

    PS: I liked the earlier Sonam, before she got the ‘fashionista’ tag and got carried away! Bring back that chic gal!

  17. love it head to toe .. she own it ..
    some dresses are to be worn a size bigger, sometimes I try a dress in 3 sizes before picking the best one .. Earings add the drama .. neat hair style let them shine and she has that cute and stylish look that make her carry such clothes well . She is not stick thin and still is Tall like a model. I agree she is the only one who can carry this dress. I love her for being super stylish and changing it up everytime …and am a big animal print fan ..have at least 10 dresses :)

  18. What is she supposed to be “fashionista of Bollywood” I don’t think so!!! Fashionistas are fashion forward. Sonam is JLo like one decade ago! So what if its couture we all know since going to Cannes this year she’s been recycling the same designers (Dolce and Gabbana, Gaultier) that she probably struck a deal with to loan clothes to her because if Loreal. This was GQ awards where it’s the perfect platform to wear edgy/ classy designers like Stella McCartney, Prabul, Versace but instead she does getto! Go figure! Why do people heckle her well because we know she takes it all so seriously ;) Show us the Prada, Givenchy and McQueen Sonam!!!! PS Gaultier used to host a show on UK television called EUROTRASH ahem ahem ;)


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