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In a Suneet Verma sari and make you stop in your tracks jewelry, Sonam Kapoor attended the India International Jewellery Week press con, an event that she is a face of.

The sari with its off-the-shoulder blouse may not be our cup of tea personally but, there’s no denying it’s a look Sonam wears well.

P.S: Speaking of Suneet Verma saris, Pernia Qureshi paired hers with a JPG bustier. See here.


Sonam Kapoor At India International Jewellery Week 2013 Announcement

Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. I’m definitely not one who likes Sonam. In fact, you might say that I don’t.
    But even I have to admit that she looks exquisite here. Love love love the sari and choice of jewelry

    • not a big fan either but she looks absolutely lovely here, like a royal except maybe you wouldn’t catch a Maharani or a princess in a off shoulder blouse! That said she makes it look every bit elegant!

  2. She looks like a GAZILLION bucks! Love this…she looks so very pretty! I don’t like off shoulder blouses but here it just looks great on her. The jewelry (glad she skipped the earrings) + the hair + the make up + her smile = 10/10! The sari itself is not much to write home about so truly a case of the model making the look here.

    • Oops just noticed this was for a jewelry show – so I guess it made sense to keep the sari low profile and let the jewelry do the talking. Good job on the styling here.

      That Pernia Qureshi sari and blouse/bra = tacktastic!

      • I think Pernia Quereshi looks ridiculous in the bra blouse. I would really think its a cone bra and given the way she draped the saree, its as if someone took a pic while she was changing.

        As for Sonam’s look, i am on the fence with the off shoulder blouse. But it does show off the jewellery well. Love the winged eyeliner

        • hahah exactly my thoughts on pernia.. the blouse/bodice does not even match nor does it provide a good contrast.. so wondering why she wore it.. looks like innerwear to me..

          as for Sonam she looks gorgeous.. infact she always looks nice when she keeps it a lil simple.. and that winged eyeliner really adds to the look

  3. Please tell me that bustier is a joke with the saree. It’s a BRA for heavens sake! And why wear it if you are going to cover up with a pallu anyway?

  4. Looks great as usual. But Pernia….wat the hell was she thinking!!!! PnP u r too kind to her by not actually feat the whey yay

  5. Omg!!! These pics don’t do justice to her… Saw better pics in some other website.. Sorry pnp.. She looks stunning… Sigh…can we all agree that sonam is BACK

  6. She looks fab from head to toe, incredible dressing sense. How does she come up with these rocking ideas each time? She is truly a fashion icon…..

  7. Her eye make up looks weird..the sari called for subtle eye make up… give her a break guys ..she was at the India International Jewellery Week …the emphasis was the gorgeous piece she was wearing…and thus the off shoulder blouse…
    She looks beautiful…elegant


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