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Wearing a Rosie Assoulin dress, Sonam attended her father’s latest movie’s screening. Her accessories for the evening included jewelry by Rhea Kapoor X Pipa Bella and pair classic black pumps. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I sure like this dress/dress on her!

If you fancy it, shop the dress here.

Sonam Kapoor At Malang Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • How I wish she had gone one size higher. Too snug on the bust… you always dress up the biggest part in your body and then fit the rest…the model in the farfetched page sells it better than her.

  1. Boobs are squeezed to death. I pity them. Trying hard to create an impression of heavy on top but failing miserably .
    At times I wonder what goes in mind of celebrities while picking a dress for any event or any given day for that matter.
    This is plain atrocious for this occasion .

  2. She is competing with Disha in the tackiness quotient at the event. Sonam has less events to attend these days, so she shows up in whatever.

  3. Legs all observe a moment of silence for Sonam’s chest that seems to be wrangled in some contraption or other of late. She seems to have lost her style mojo or rather Rhea Kapoor has lost her style touch. I think a regroup is needed for the Kapoor sisters and throw in friend Masaba too.

  4. Can’t even imagine wearing this in public on a date night with my boyfriend and she wears this standing next to her dad—- gross !

    • This dress is tacky and ugly & exposes Sonam’s fashion choices…..but besides that I see nothing wrong with it ? In what way is it not suitable to be wearing it and standing alongside her dad ? Fully covered – check ?, long hem line – check. The only thing that the puritanical commentators would object to is the cleavage…but that is really nothing in comparison to the boob shows we see regularly on these very pages. I do not understand the comment above and how it can be considered gross.

  5. Is she literally channeling the Victorian corset look which was designed to suck all breath out of you and the reason behind then references to women reaching for their swooning salts? It was the oxygen-depriving corsets in large part making them faint and I wonder how Ms Kapoor is being able to breathe freely while jammed in that dress!

  6. She’s wearing tight sizes small clothes a lot.. also this was good only if the dress didn’t have the cheap corset, net portion right under mammaries ending just above tummy.

  7. Are we not going to talk about the jewellery?
    It’s atrocious. RK has a strange fashion sense- clothes, jewellery, what else is she going to design badly?!

  8. I love the black on black look with the nails and heels. The corset area could have been pushed up and a hint of cleavage would be nicer. For all those who are moral policing with the dad comments – umm her dad probably has a different mindset since he works in the entertainment industry. Let’s not forget they aren’t your regular Indians & are exposed to a whole lot more. You do you!

  9. Huh! People out here making out like Anil Kapoor is some kind of Jeffrey Epstein-like character, who cant be trusted around his own *grown-up* daughter (whom he has probably seen in a lot less, considering they’re a family and all)… My mind just boggles. Have they never been around their own fathers in swimwear or shorts or camisole tops? Sure, some (ok, many) Indian men are repressed, but to assume that all of them would judge or look at their own kids in an un-sanskaari light…smh.

    • Exactly and especially someone with Anil kapoor’s exposure lol. They’re globetrotters. In the west it’s normal for girls to roam around in bikinis with family. It’s normal for them too.

  10. Terrible dress from our resident Fashion victim. What a downfall.
    Now as far as standing next to her father wearing it….that should not be up for any debate or discussion.
    Any person with good taste should be embarrassed wearing that outfit out and about. Period.
    Sonal claims to be a fashionista – well then… that claim is now truly negated.


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