In Rahul Mishra Couture

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Zendaya attended the Bvlgari event on Thursday night wearing a look from Rahul Mishra’s recent Spring 2020 Couture collection paired with jewellery from Bvlgari brand.

She looked fabulous!

Also, hope we see more celebs in pieces from the collection. Each and every piece from it is dreamy!


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  1. Zendaya wore it more risque than the model (usually we see the other way around, clothes worn more conservatively off the ramp), she looks amazing!The neck piece is so beautiful and a perfect match to the clothes. The make up is on point! Rahul Mishra rocks!

      • I don’t think its about the celebrity being Indian or not. It is s definitely about how the outfit is worn, the styling, the event, the body type for a certain silhouette , the personality of the wearer. etc So many aspects work to make or break a look.
        Am sure with right styling even Diana Penty, or Susumita Sen could rock this look.

    • Not sure if it’s an Indian/foreign thing or a big/small breasts thing. Indian celebrities tend to have bigger breasts, and the consistent message I get from comments here is that one can only do risque if you’re flat-chested. I guess breasts are scary?

      • I don’t think it is a big/small breasts thing. It’s an aesthetic thing. With smaller breasts you don’t need, or need as much, tapes and whatnot to keep them placed tastefully/naturally. With larger breasts, tapes may not work out as well. Case in point is the famous JLo vs PC comparison recently. I don’t think JLo is smaller breasted than PC but the tapes in JLo’s case, were placed to make the dress look less ..I don’t know what the word here is. I suppose you/someone is getting what I am trying explain.

        • “tastefully” “naturally”
          Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, so how about we just embrace the diversity? Think about the body image issues comments here might give young women.

      • I don’t think its a big/small breast or Indian/foreign thing. Not all dresses suit all body kinds. The dress has to suit the body type. Flat chested people can’t carry off all kinds of dresses either. Knowing your body type and picking clothes that work with that body type makes all the difference in what works or not works.

  2. Whoa! This is big ticket. Full power to Rahul Mishra and the collection was indeed exquisite. She is looking fabulous and if Law Roach has picked up Rahul’s designs, we are sure to see more of this. Great going!

  3. She has so much spunk… I watched her on K.C Undercover years ago with my kid, she showed such promise…:)

    She looks lovely
    The craft on the outfit is extraordinary

  4. Rahul Mishra’s Spring 2020 Couture is exquisite. It has drama and elegance. Hope to see more of it. Zendaya adds an extra oomph to the ensemble.


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