Sonam At Cannes 2013: Opening Gala Dinner

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After a long day but none the worse for wear, here’s your look at Sonam in Elie Saab Couture at the Opening Gala dinner while we wait for more images to trickle in.

She looked fantastic in her pink lace and beaded, full-skirted dress. The modern day, young debutant/princess-ey look works rather well on her. Pink lips, ankle-strap pumps (also Saab), a jeweled clutch and sleek hair worn straight down and back completed her look. Love!


Sonam Kapoor Before Cannes 2013 Opening Gala Dinner

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. She looks fantastic! Gorgeous pink. I am so looking forward to this year’s Cannes because of Bollywood attendees, fashion wise, are having a good run so far. And it’s just started!

  2. A little too much pink going on. She looks just like the Barbie doll I had when I was a kid. That aside, her face is so beautiful. Perfect features. Wish she wouldn’t mask them with so much make-up. Saw a close-up on another website, just too much make-up.

  3. I love the dress, but I’m guessing it’ll be too much pink for my taste (or any one whose over 12’s taste) once we see HQ pics!

  4. The first pictures makes her look much older than she is. Not sure if its the angle, filters or make up or the lack of her gorgeous smile.
    Loving her outfit.

  5. she looks like her aunt sri devi in that first picture

    the outfit’s alright, it seems very “safe” to me… not bad not good…

  6. My take on this: deja vu!
    Even last year at Cannes when Sonam did Dolce and Gabbana, it was head to toe the same brand, secondly, it was princessy and she finished it with pumps, thirdly, it was fully red! And she’s done it again. Pink, Elie Saab head to toe, part princessy and pumps. I wish she had done something more royal instead of same ole whimsical and princessy.

  7. THIS is more like it! Yes it’s a tad matchy and too cutesy/princessy for my taste but I think she is somehow carrying it off. The toned down make up makes this a winner compared to her last D&G look at Cannes. I am loving the color of her dress and lipstick against her skin tone. Seeing her hair and the bodice makes me wish it had been a long, fitted gown. Nevertheless imo Sonam looks fab here.

  8. She looks stunning! Adore this look ….. She can change from a desi look to something princesy with ease and doesn’t look forced.

  9. Of late her head has been looking way too huge for her slender neck…and those cheeks look sunken, has she lost yet more weight!

  10. The dress is gorgeous!!! The makeup – not so much. I find it too harsh and it is actually aging here than make her look princessy.


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