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Although she wore a Ranna Gill for the promotional still, Sonali was spotted wearing a couple of Nachiket Barve designs on the show. She wore a pink dress from the Spring 2009 collection (a variation of which can be seen on Roshni ) and a blue one from the designer’s A/W 2009 collection.

Too bad the judges are always stuck behind the desk!


Left: Nachiket Barve, A/W 2009
Right: Sonali Bendre on India’s Got Talent


Left: Nachiket Barve, Spring 2009
Right: Sonali Bendre on India’s Got Talent

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  1. Lukewarm…hate the hair in the first one. The red dress is pretty nice and so is her hair there.

    Hmm..whatever happened to that WOW quality Sonali always used to have?

  2. She’s so cute, although I don’t like her makeup in that first one..can’t see the hair properly, don’t really like the blue dress, love everything about the second look.

  3. I wonder why shows even bother to waste money dressing the judges, unless it’s given to the set…you hardly see what they have on unless they’re a host anyway!

  4. Just curious….how did she grow out her hair so fast? Or are those extensions?
    She had really short hair late last year (Drona premiere etc) – now it’s shoulder length!
    Inke baalon ka raaz kya hai?

  5. This designer’s garments always look like camisoles and not in a flatterin manner.
    sonali’s hair in the 1st pic is real nice.. the second hairdo makes her look like she’s preggers..

  6. Where does Nachiket Barve retail from? I love his clothes .. what i have seen on celebs and online.. Sonali looks very elegant in his dresses


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