Sania in Shantanu and Nikhil

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Congratulations to Sania, who got engaged in Hyderabad today. Sania wore a beige/green lehenga by Shantanu and Nikhil while the groom Sohrab wore an Armani tuxedo. Read more here.

Update: Swapped pics. Added full length.


Mohammed Sohrab Mirza and Sania Mirza at their engagement


Sania Mirza

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  1. Nice color combo on Sania, the blouse cut at the bust could have been better…hmm… the fiance should have avoided the fuzz! but they look cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. LOVE it. The lehenga is amazing and really one of a kind. That border is to die for. Like how Sohrab (sort of) paired his tie with her dress.

  3. Aww how sweet, congrats to Sania and fiance. I love that color combination of green and caramel brown. I didn’t know she was seeing anyone or even getting engaged anytime soon.

  4. They make a cute couple, no doubt. I wish the guy was wearing a different tie.

    And by the way, that big rock on her finger is 2 carat solitaire worth Rs 10 lakhs! ****going green with envy****

  5. I would like to see a better picture. The TOI article mentions a fitted corset but it doesn’t look like one to me. She does look very pretty but the hair is kinda meh. Congratulations to them!

  6. Oh, she looks so lovely, and happy!! Congrats to the couple. The lehenga looks good on her, the veil on her head looks elegant.They are co-ordinated without being matchy-macthy.

  7. She looks really pretty and the colours are really nice as well..

    I don’t think that hair style was meant to be covered. The dupatta looks oddly transient, like she’s just pulled it up for the camera out of the blue.. I wish she’d kept it off or took it properly..

  8. she is covering her hair for religious reasons. some members of his family are very conservative. I like her outfit. do not care for his suit or the color of his tie, I know he was trying to match it with her outfit, but it does not match the color of his suit.

  9. She looks gorgeous here. I have never seen her looking so good (maybe because I’ve never been a big fan of her). Loved the whole ensemble. I would have never thought that blue dupatta would go with her green jewelry, but good to see it did.

    The groom looks very dapper too…i really liked his green tie, which is usually not very common, and went very well with bride’s dress.

  10. I really like the lehenga.The corset could have been a better fit, But the colours and work is SO gorgeous they make up for it:P They are a cute couple=D
    Congos to her!

  11. She proves that she can carry other looks than just sporty…carries it really well…btw, wat’s up with that big ring on her right hand???

  12. She looks regal and like the way both are co-ordinated. I was never an avid tennis fan but she did visit my school in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

    Wish them a very happy wedded life.

  13. a different hairstyle woul have made her look even better. Lehenga is really prettyand her make up and jewellery were perfect. She didnt go overboard with any of them. Congrats to her!


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