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Its no secret we love Sabyasachi, but, somehow this one kind of falls flat for me. Perhaps, if the whole of the kurta was black, I might have liked.

What about you? Digging Sonakshi’s suit?

Catch more pics from the event at ‘The Gallery’.


Sonakshi Sinha With Shatrughan Singh
At ‘Aaj Phir Jeena Ki Tamanna Hai’ Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i actually really like it…i agree that if the kurta was entirely black it would have been even better but the white kind of adds a little freshnesss.

  2. the caption under the pics says Sridevi 😉

    indeed, the white half looks out of place with the (lovely) rest. I don’t even think it need have been fully black; a similar black/gold border around the sleeves would have pulled this outfit together.

  3. i like it the colour combo, but the style of the kurta is very similar to a top that can be worn on a skirt. and i’ve never liked his horizontally striped pants. so im on the fence with this one :S

  4. DISAGREE DISAGREE !!!!!!!!!!
    I LOOOOVE THIS! SO simple and innovative…? I don’t know, there is something very fusion about it. I really love. I’ve also had problems with he horizontal stipes in the past, but I do like the texture they add. I love how simple Sonakshi’s hair and makeup look too.

  5. I think she looks pretty and the outfit isn’t bad at all… the white and black bits look a bit out of place. I acctually would have liked it if the whole kurta was white ..with perhaps just that little bit of black on the neck and somewhere else. The black kurta along with the black salwar would be nice too… but I just love black and white paired together in a elegant way. I lilke the salwar.. or pants whatever

  6. Disagree completely!
    If it had been black, would’ve looked too common!
    But this combo, I simply LOVE<3
    On an aside, She looks gorgeous, kinda reminds me of Casie from Life with Derek lol:)

  7. the only problem I have with this outfit is the sleeves : they make it look as if she is wearing a pillow case over her shoulders.

  8. I LOVE this. Totally. In complete agreeement with pdaervo.
    The white top half looks like a loose tee shirt though. Had it been slightly fitted, it would have looked so much better!

    But i am in lust with the suit!!

  9. i so AGREE with pdaervo. Sonakshi wears it well…and she draped the dupatta well. I don’t like the purse though. A potli would hv looked apt.

  10. Me thinks her kurta would have looked better with a patiala style salwar rather than a churidar. And what’s with the horizontal ribbed churidar anyway? looks weird

  11. so.. i think while this is sorta hep.. i dont think its all that great.
    1. the cut on looking closely is a lil weird – the white losey thing and the black at the botton – but i guess i do sorta like it
    2. the black – if its velvet or brocadish – which I think it could be – i cant telll from the pic – i dont like
    3. i dont like her bag/batua – a clutch wud be chic
    4. the longish bindi i guess is ok since she has her hair pulled back – but not a fan..

    so overall nothing to gaga abt.. the sonam one with the same type of pants was way better!

    though i do like to overall causualness of it..

    how confused am i! hehe

  12. yeah – i agree with the sleeve diagnosis. very pillowcase. not liking the pants either. but i do think the white and black combo works better than a plain black would


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