Stuck In A ‘Match-Much’ Rut

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So the brown outfit isn’t as bad as the purple but she really needs to snap out of this ‘Match-Much’ phase.

We might just have to add a new category for her! 😛

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Left: At ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ Success Bash
Right: At Tarana Masand’s New Collection Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. matching everything to every detail is so bad… not liking in the brown sandals, the brown dress perhaps fits a bit wierd in the chest area. Would have liked her in purple if she wouldn’t have gone overboard with it.

  2. OMG eeww, brown attire with red nails? UGH
    She does need to come out of the phase, lol.
    Though I like the brown dress and shoes, but the look is ruined cos of the red nails and excess matching, but purple is the worst.

  3. agreed, and she needs help in the support department too, at least on the right.

    i guess earlier on, she’d make such rare appearances that whenever she was featured here, it became almost refreshing to see her. not anymore i’m afraid.

  4. She looks a lot better in the brown outfit than the purple one (just looking at that picture is giving me a headache)… that said, the brown sandals are one size too big for her and the leather outfit does not fit well either… May be she should stick to her kanchipuram/ethnic look coz when it comes to western outfits, she seems to be stuck in a time warp…

  5. love her face is these pics alas i cannot say the same about her outfits …. she should hire a stylist for her western wear pronto and yes the sandals are one size too big but 46 is she can look like this and get this many comments she obviously gettting the attention even kareena and PC dont get and this without actually asking for it …. wow!!! how does she manage that ?

    • I completely agree with Marky, try as hard as she does to avoid the media and attention, she simply can not. Such is her magic and aura. Love this woman, high time she came back to the big screen in rocking role


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