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At the teaser launch of her upcoming movie, Sobhita was seen in a printed sari by Torani. Given the bold floral print and the bright chevron pattern, wish she had worn simpler earrings and skipped on the ring. What say you? Like it as is?

Sobhita Dulipala

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  1. I am biased..
    With her acting talent and her personality I cannot bring my self to criticize her looks.
    She has this innate ability to make everything work!!

    • Unfortunately, I feel the same way! 😀 Too biased to find faults. She carries off any look with so much comfort, I cannot complain!

  2. She looks nice. Has anyone observed a Telugu girl in a Telugu movie. After how many years is this? Adivi Sesh gave her chance in 2 of his Telugu movies ‘Goodachari’ and ‘Major’. Keerthy Reddy was the last Telugu actress I believe.

  3. Nah the ring isnt bothering anyone. In fact it’s nice. She could have worn nicer earrings but again not so much of an issue. If anything she could have taken off those awkward glass bangles. In fact the styling seems very minimalistic and OMG she is so pretty!


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