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Of the two appearances, I am drawn to Shweta’s more recent outing in the red kaftan. But its styling was just off! While on paper, the idea of adding multiple statement necklaces to a plain (depends on who you ask) kaftan makes sense, these were just not it. I wish she had stuck to the choker and skipped the longer necklace or ideally, skipped both and paired it with a lariat instead. Also, is she wearing white pumps under that kaftan? Sigh.

Shweta Bachchan
Left: At Apoorva Mehta’s 50th Birthday Party
Right: At Karan Johar’s 50th Birthday Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Surely this genre of dressing/styling is called Radhe Maa chic?

    And I thought she was red & white wearing sneakers under it, as per one of Viral Bhayani’s videos on Insta (even worse than pumps lol)

  2. I like her in the white way more than in the red. That red color is beautiful on her but that’s about it. The entire get up is a big miss.

  3. Agree, the kaftan is overloaded with jewelry. She’s wearing red sneakers, which are actually kinda cute; almost poking fun at the grandeur of the whole event.

  4. Yeah she’s wearing red converse under the kaftan….I think the inherent idea was interesting-a kaftan paired with sneakers and the necklaces for the ‘bling theme’. Definitely skipping the choker would have suited her more as it seems like she was trying to stand out in a sea of overtly styled mannequins by going for an easy, effortless glam feel but it ended up looking the opposite-in fact very forced and effort laden styling. I think she should have skipped the red lip as well as there seemed to be mega confusion as to whether she was going for the “IDGAF chilled guest” or an uber glam, dressed up one.

  5. Uggh pretty hideous outfits. One looks like a giant ostritch and the other a gaudy swamiji inaugurating a jewellery store. So much to choose from and the taste boil down to these choices….jeepers…

  6. Hate the first look. But I actually like the airy second look. Minus the sneakers, the choker and the garish clutch, the dress and the long necklace might have stood a chance. It is a delish shade of red.


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