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For their recent outing, both Shanaya and Ananya went full glam in their gowns, with the former in Giovanni and the the latter in Yousef Al Jasmi. Updos in place, both ladies rounded out their look red-toned lip color. While the young actors wore their gowns well, it just felt so excessive. At an event like this, why not have fun given all the choices available to them?

Shanaya Kapoor (Left) And Ananya Panday

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Ananya’s dress is so out of place, it’s too gorgeous to be worn for a random birthday. Also it’s not well fitted, sweeping the floor n needs a better body maybe.

  2. Agree with you, it looks like all the young ones prefer to go the excessive bling route, besides that these gowns would look pageant style!

  3. Ananya’s is an exact copy of Kendall from the Met Gala…wish these girls would make their own style rather than blindly follow trends set by the Influencer icons. Shanaya and Ananya have amazing bodies and could do justice to any style they wanted to, it would be nice if their stylist could tap into their own individual personalities rather than copying and pasting from Kardashian/Hadid/Jenner Pinterest boards.

  4. Such a miss. Excessive is putting it mildly. Its the OTT aesthetic that runs true for some Bollywood folks whether its a wedding or birthday party

  5. Both Shanaya and Ananya looked absolutely fabulous!!! Sheer perfection!!! I would take this style anytime. They exude class. As to compared to what Malaika showed up in. Good lord my eyes are still in disbelief!!!!

  6. why why why ?? Both girls have so much going for them, but dress choices are not doing them any favors. Shanaya’s outfit looks like someone took scissors to it and cut is willynilly..

  7. Both “costumes” (I refuse to call them outfits) look like a contest for the least you can buy at fast fashion websites. And by least I meaa $$ and fabric. Not at all nice picks even by a 100 miles.


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