In Karen Millen

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It was a Karen Millen lace dress for Shriya at a recent do. And while it’s a change from Bebe, it still is rather meh. Different hair and heels would’ve made a difference.

Left: Shriya Saran at Ekta Kapoor Success Bash
Right: Karen Millen Lace Dress ( Buy )

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  1. why do all new/ young/upcoming/starlet actresses always look almost the same all the time, like put a diff face pic on top and they r all same. Its not just here, i can barely recognise actresses in Hollywood too, they all look so same. its scary

    • hahahah, cant agree more. But why just starlets, even people on the street in Delhi at least look all alike, same straightened hair, same ZARA, MANGO or some other god-awfully expensive branded clothes. Its like they all flip through the same magazines like the same models wearing the same looks and decide ‘Ok, Today i am gonna be her’…. its amusing actually

  2. Wow, you girls are harsh! She is almost exactly styled like the model in the pic and yet you expect different hair/shoes?…For once, she actually looks better than the model to me who is rather too cutesy! I think she is totally rocking this look…good on her to get it right!


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