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Cropped tops, we can handle. Cut-outs, we can get on board with. What Shenaz had on at a recent event, no! No. Not only did it seem inappropriate at the event in question given how everyone else was dressed, it also was just way too gimmick-ey.

Shenaz Treasurywala At Hello Magazine/Moët & Chandon Event At F-Bar

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This is disaster personified. It’s like as if she was so desperate to show off her midriff. I can go on and on about how perfectly ugly and fugly this look is!!!!

  2. OMG – this is the worst outfit I have seen in a long long time

    I think you should do a HHC Award ceremony at the end of the year – and this should def go under WTH/Are you crazy/Help Cover my eyes!

  3. i remember her standing with a friend and making fashion digs at people around her i was a victim too. personally i never appreciated her style ever.

    wonder who made her the face of style check coz she her self needs some fashion advice.

  4. OMG…i hope she realises there are various other sophisticated ways of showing off her newly acquired abs..mebbe at the beach but not at a red carpet event

  5. The skirt just killed the look! Wtf! So fugly what’s wrong with her??? a black slim maxi sitting above her navel would’ve made her have a classier taste…sad.

  6. That girl has a hot body, savita bhabhi / comic book women types …. and since im a nice person, i’ll just stop at that.

  7. This is the winner of the worst dress for 2012 or maybe the century Hz can you dress so trashy and still smile n pose at an event?

  8. OMG!! Please pinch me. This is a nightmare! How could she? Not that she has a great fashion sense otherwise, but it can’t get worse. Looks like the stripes just go on from the top to the bottom of the skirt. The biggest WTHeyyy ever!


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