Shade Spotting


    We spotted the hottest shades of last year, the Tom Ford “Whitney” on quite a few of our Indian fashionistas too.

    While Aishwarya and Gauri have had them way before these shades became all the rage, Shilpa was caught wearing them much much after.

    Aishwarya, Jan 2006

    Gauri Khan April 2007

    Shilpa, Jan 2008

    Pssst, did I mention already that I have one
    Buy via Neiman Marcus

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    1. I really do think Ray Ban wafers are the most flattering pair out there right now! I havent seen one in Bollywood yet.

      And it looks amazing on almost all face shapes, including mine :)


    2. Hmmm…. I have a different opinion on ford shades – i think they are overrated, forget the celebs but socialites are also seen in them – the rage makes them very common, aprt from that i am pretty unhappy with the slim side frame :( very UGH. (maybe because they just dont go with my face).

      – you must check out the Gucci and DG broad, face covering glares – I think they are better! You have covered Preity Zinta wearing them for a derby but that was eons ago.


    3. I think this shade’s become toooo common. angelina used to wear it long time ago and that was the first time i saw this sunglass…then it was Ash. I was thinking of getting the one that the model’s wearing but now that it’s too common i’m having second thoughts.




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