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Sanya kicked off promotions this week for her upcoming series in Delhi wearing a Nikhil Thampi pant suit and then in a white crop denim jacket and mini skirt. She was back in Mumbai to catch the screenings of movies wearing black leather pants with a crop top to one and a green dress to another.

Of her outings this week, the pantsuit instantly felt the best of the lot. As for the rest, wasn’t feeling them one bit. When I saw the boxy jacket and mini skirt, I went yikes but then cut to today and that green dress and suddenly the separates seemed so much better.

What did you think?

Sanya Malhotra
Far Left: At Love Hostel Promotions
Right, Far Right: Gehraiyaan and Badhaai Do Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I quite liked the green dress on her.
    But one thing I must say – she looks so fresh and original that even the most mediocre outfits fare better on her than deserved. Thats the nice part about fashion, if you wear a look with comfort and not try too hard, you somehow come out easy on the eye (almost) everytime.

  2. All of the looks have just been lifted from influencer pages/styling pages and put onto her without much thought into if they even suit her bodytype or personality. Becoming a stylist is too easy these days thanks to the Gram.

  3. I’m looking on with horror at all these early 2000s style outfits and shoes coming back into fashion. All the ruching at odd places, and the ugly, uncomfortable strappy heels….a nightmare. The sort of throwback to my teens that I don’t need at all.

    I wish people would stop taking style tips from LA streetstyle.

    • You stole my words. Tiny tops, lycra shirts, skimpy dresses..they are all over the place!! So very eary 2000’s style(or should we say lack of it!)

  4. am sorry, so far as outfits go, these are all terrible choices for her. i only like her hair — and possibly the pantsuit. such a disservice to the girl — she’s sparkly and bright and deserves much better.

  5. Fire your stylist Sanya.. or hire one!
    Such a pretty face such terrible clothes..
    Even the pant suit looks relatively good coz the other 3 are disasters..
    Stand alone even the pant suit is ughhh !

  6. I love all the looks neck up. She looks radiance personified. Loving those neon heels too. The clothes and the the accessories are a big no-no. The surprising thing is she still manages to look nice. Talks so much about her personality shining through.


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