In Gauri And Nainika

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Wearing a Gauri and Nainika gown, Samantha attended a recent Awards event in Mumbai. Samantha wore the look well but the dress itself wasn’t without its issues. You like what you see?

P.S: See Shraddha Kapoor wear a version of this gown here.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu At Critics Choice Film Awards 2022

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Love the colour . Wish there wasn’t any embroidery on the front . The dress has too many details going on but she still makes it work

  2. that’s such a bizarre dress. it’s like they made this form-fitting sheath gown and discovered they had yards of material left over and no idea what to do with it, so they tacked it on to the back.
    glad they lost the sleeves they gave Shraddha’s dress though.

  3. What’s happened to Gauri and Nainika these days? I used to love their impactful gowns.

    Didn’t like the dress back then when Sraddha wore it but she had looked radiant.

    Same is the case here. Samantha looks stunning but the dress has ugly creasing in the front and the train looks like a giant satin handkerchief tucked into the back at random. Such a fail, the dress is! Sam could have chosen something that did her justice.

  4. Love the minimal styling, letting the dress bring all the drama of this look. But something is so off with the proportions on this dress. The front seems a few inches too short, the bust feels bare… and that extra fabric in the back can’t decidewhat it wants to be, is it a bow? Is it a train?

  5. Hair and makeup is on point. A more emerald green would have been a better pick. The black again this green just makes the dress look dull. And closed toe shoes would have elevated the look more even if they were chunky. But an open toe chunky shoe just makes the look very casual.

  6. There are too many competing elements to this gown. The length doesn’t seem right and should have been a bit longer. Between the embroidery, the black top part, back detail and trail – there is too much going on. The top is dangerously close to a wardrobe malfunction and the sandals are wrong.

    Actually, the only thing i like is the green colour 🙂

  7. Great color combo, very Slytherin but the embroidery doesn’t go with the style of the gown. Also the back with the fabric pinning is very Gauri Nainika but the front doesn’t seem like it’s from the same designer.

  8. Yikes, she looks all sorts of bad from all angles. Basically looks like random parts of green fabric were sewed to her bra or pinned on as though on whim. Very very bizarre – sorry, but she does not “wear the look well” as you’ve noted with makeup and hair falling flat on top of the awful outfit. I am surprised you didnt wtheyyyy this. Why the blatant diplomacy. Oh why…

  9. Bad hair, bad dress..together nothing to write home about. Dress looks really weird from side and back, too short in the front. Yummy color though.

  10. Firstly
    I really fall in love with the colour
    I really like the makeup and hair style
    I understand the idea of making a bold look with the elegant frock
    Can be better with complete green
    And not on bikini top or not a embroidery designs on front
    And back extra or left over cloth
    So un complete
    And sandle felt so empty
    I hope can be better to take some time to fit or fix.

    Good luck next time


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