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For her two recent appearances, capes were Neha’s ‘go-to’. While she picked a white Anamika Khanna to wear to her movie’s success celebrations, she went with a more dressier Samant Chauhan for the Awards night.

It was easy to pick her appearance in Chauhan as the favorite; she made the look work! The floral-print Khanna just came off looking drab and did the actor no favors!

Neha Dhupia
Left: At A Thursday Success Celebrations
Right: At Critics Choice Awards 2022

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Why on earth would she bundle herself up in yards and yards of fabric? The black looks is basically a designer tent! Such a gorgeous lady and such terrible clothes!

    • Maybe because she had baby recently, and yet is making public appearances, so rather do these events in comfortable clothes. People are ruthless when it comes to body shaming even if that is because of pregnancy.

      • I did say she’s gorgeous.. so I’m not shamming her body but commenting on her choice of clothes which was the same pre-pregnancy as well. So request you not to make something about body shamming and insensitivity towards pregnancy when it’s not….

  2. Second look is totally her! Despite the volume and lates she’s so good in it. I like the steel grey over the black combination

  3. Samant Chauhan ensemble looks stunning. I like the AK cape too. I know I am in the biggest minority here but I mostly love what Neha wears. They might be voluminous but I like that she has developed her own style.

    I am one of those ladies who sizes up cotton dresses at times to look airier. I am big time into anti-fit clothing. So it’s just me. I am one of the really rare ones who like Neha’s dressing style.

    • Lady of the Iron Kingdom or something like that from Game of Thrones came to mind when I saw this. Would love to see her in a role like Poorna’s in GoT

  4. If Neha isnt careful, she’s gonnna go the Rekha way.. one tone dressing.. and this predates her baby days so pls let’s not make it about that..

    anyways guess if that’s what makes her happy.. we shall judge her within the limiting framework she has set for herself


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