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Raveena is a gorgeous woman but she just can’t seem to catch a break. We can’t imagine why she just won’t lose those satin sheen pants. In comparison, she fares better in blue and khaki but, that’s not saying much.

We continue to wait for her to knock our socks off.

P.S: Raveena’s necklaces (both times) are S2 By Poonam Soni And Nawaz Modi Singhania we think.

Raveena Tandon
Left: At ‘Mothers Against Flu‘ Press Meet
Right: At A Promotional Event For Nickelodeon

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. ugh..why oh why ? what does she see in ’em hideous satin pants. the shoes… im not even goin there. girl u fine as hell, get a stylist or go a shoppin spree with twinkl3

  2. This is what happens to 90% of our actresses when there is no stylist on the scene…Most of them really dont have a great sense of clothes or style.
    the one’s who are impeccably turned out most of the time have a LOT of help from stylists/fashion editors etc…

  3. Allof u are just jealous she is looking pretty
    Thank god she dresses up normally not like twinkle
    I always think yyy people like abnormal dressing

  4. Oh my days! Is Raveena suffering from Ekta Syndrome? Look at those dreadful shoes! Having said that, still prefer the blue and beige look. Barefoot would have been more stylish!

  5. Oh lord…there we go again…
    horrible horrible footwear and those pants! Why won’ she get a stylist and someone who can teach her how to pose for pics, same old ghisa pita outdated model-like pose always! hmph!!!


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