Skirting The Issue

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Both ladies caught our eye with their choice of skirts but unfortunately, neither did much justice to ’em. We’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite, can you?


Ramona Narang (Left) And Laila Lamba (Right) At Grey Goose Fly Beyond Awards


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Don’t like either of the skirts or the looks. I’m of the opinion that you should definitely dress your age. I think they should stop dressing like they are 16 anymore.

  1. They are both wayyyyy past the age of wearing that length. At a certain point in everybody’s life, one must realize that some clothes (ultra-minis in this case) are better left to younger girls. Better luck next time ladies!

  2. those are really ugly skirts.

    apart from that, the ladies, as lovely as they are, need to wear longer skirts.

    plus Narang really really needs to change her hair. wtf is that?

  3. I agree they look trashy esp the one on the right( I think Ramona would have looked nice with a different top n different hair colour)but who says women can’t wear short skirts after 40??? Like seriously?? J.lo, Sandra bullock, Gwen stefani…I think they all fantabulous showing their pins..I am not asking women to be like Kim kardashian but sometimes I feel some of the women on this forums are such prudes..


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