Of Birkins And Bad Dos

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Envious we are of her collection but what we definitely aren’t envious of are those dark roots under that bleached hair. If you are gonna go drastic, you better maintain it!


Ramona Narang

Photo Credit: MissMalini, Times of India

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  1. Oh god, What a disaster that a Birkin is made to go with such a badly dressed lady:-(… I love the orange and the white…I mean the Birkins…

  2. we should give her a break, she just gave birth. I remember her to always be well dressed although a little OTT, she has had the blond hair for a while. time for change

  3. Oh my god.. all comments seem to be against her look.. I was also going to say something.. but now I have ended up feeling sorry for her.. so no comments…

  4. This girl and Anu Dewan would get major tennis elbow carrying around this bag. No wonder Jane Birkin finally gave up carrying it – and her daughter never bothered in the first place.


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