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We love animal-print when done right. But, Queenie’s gown was anything but. The print was ghastly and that slit so not sexy and I don’t get why she had to add a belt to this outfit at all! The only thing I like about this look is the brown Bottega Veneta Stretch Knot. What an awful way to wear such a gorgeous clutch.


Queenie Singh at ‘Lap’ Launch

Photo Credit: BollywoodWorld

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  1. heeehaw. the lady in the red top in the background has the most appropriate look on her face. She’s so amused. Just like me. If I met her, we’d totally point at Queenie and laugh.

  2. There’s such a dearth of women dressed elegantly pass the 30’s mark in Indian High Society.

    Ladies pls. do pay a visit to New York and prepare to be shamed.

    • kaya , there’s no need to start generalizing and stereotyping. Maybe you should just visit an NYC fashion blog instead?

      I think each country has it’s own asthethic sense. After a few months amidst a sea of monchromes in NYC I find it refreshing to see the streets of bangalore awash with colour from all of the graceful saris. Similiarly, after India, I find minimal chic done right in NYC quite a welcome respite.it’s all about cultural diversity not comparison.

  3. Love the clutch!!The gown is not good looking but props to her for looking confident. btw, did anyone notice the lady in the back (toward the right of Queenie) has a glittery peace sign across her butt. hahahaa. i cant tell if thats on her jeans or top but its hilarious.

  4. eeks! The belt is very random, and slits in general make me gag…even on Megan Fox. I find backless dresses to be a lot sexier etc.
    Ugly print too..I DO however, like the contrast of colors between the plum knot and the dress- very autumn (my favorite season!! so excited)

  5. Tacky city! The belt is unnecessary, and the diamond and emerald earrings don’t go with the other gold accessories. Too much happening here.

  6. the dress is nice, the slit is sort of very old fashioned i think, havent seen many people wear slits that long lately.

    the belt and other accessories are good too, i only wish she had a better makeup and hair. Agree with PeachBellini, her confidence sure is admirable.

  7. i hate animal prints – be it on shoes, bags, clothes, whatever and i also pity women who don’t dress their age.. that said, Queenie looks great here (I mean, for a woman her age, she is in good shape – with a great body and nice skin)… AND I quite like the print of this dress…

  8. Sorry, i think you are being very harsh… that dress is not tacky at all.
    It is earthy brown and BROWN can never be tacky! I also think the slit goes well with the gown.
    What is wrong is her make up, nail color, accessories. All that makes it look cheapo.

  9. I like her clutch bag and the beautiful earings, which do not go with the dress. Do not like the dress, especially with that outrageous belt. It would be better if she had worn this OTT dress with a pair of simple earings and left the bracletS at home.

  10. i hate brown and hate animal prints, that said, her face looks good and so does her body. you have to get a picture of Arthi Surendranath at the event, she came in with Rohit Bal…now thats an overkill

  11. I agree with you all. In India we older woman should wear white sari and a bindi and sandles. We nevcer should stand out or even celebrate our woman hood. Our hands should be covered in flour from making chapati.
    The worst part is she is happy. I hate it…shave her head.


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