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During the course of her movie promotions, we caught multiple sightings of Priyanka’s around town. Of these three very different looks, which stood out to you the most?

P.S: Her Indian-wear is by Rahul Mishra.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I think she looks most acceptable in the Indian attire, but the fact that it’s so tight around her waist is making me cringe.

    Priyanka Chopra is in competition with the world supermodels these days and has completely forgotten that she is an actor and thus, does not have a supermodel body (not a crime, PC!). The sooner she realizes this, the sooner we will see her looking her beautiful and radiant self again.

  2. What is this even? What is that first outfit, with the white boots? Is it a short Kurti? Why is her makeup so bad? Just so confused.

  3. Her hair is looking quite strange, especially in the Indian outfit with the middle partition… If natural hair looks like a wig, then something is definitely not right methinks. Can’t look past the hairstyle.

  4. she is looking really bad in all the outfits and what the hell is look no 2. she looks like an old lady with that middle parted hairstyle and those stupid glasses

  5. Nothing works in any of the looks. The hair style is terrible in all 3, less said about the clothes the better and as for the makeup, let’s no even go there! What’s up Priyanka? Feel bad to criticise another woman (any woman) but boy PCee really has utterly lost it! I know a lot of people are commenting about her body type having changed and her need to embrace, be that as maybe, what’s the excuse of the god awful makeup, those ridiculous sunnies and what not? And as for the hair? Even if it’s a wig I am sure there are plenty of nicer styles to choose from? she totally has me confused ????

  6. The hair ruins all her looks. Not that the clothes were great to begin with, but that bad wig-like hair is cringeworthy. All her looks nowadays make her look short and stumpy, even though she is of decent height. Also, why do her clothes need to choke her or hang on her like a garbage bag. She needs a stylist who understands fits and proportions.

  7. All are bad , that Kameez is so tight how is she breathing ? White boots wth in this hot summer ? She needs a fashion intervention right away

  8. My thoughts:

    Look 1: Very K-Pop star-ish
    Look 2: Supermodel wannabe
    Look 3: The kurta is going to combust from the waist if she bends 5 degrees

    At this point I feel that she might even ruin a simple jeans and tee combo.

  9. Wig is bad… clothes r worse. The palazzos kurta is OK. Better than the one she wore to a puja. But 2 sizes small. PC, Sonam, DP…all seem to have lost it.

  10. She is having an identity crisis. I think she wants to come off as a cool chick that can hang with the Jonas kids (yes, that man is a child) so she wears these ridiculous outfits that the Jenner, Hadids wear and can’t pull off

  11. What’s with her now-a-days?
    Totally unlike the diva we knew.None of the looks qualify even as ok-ish.
    Hoping to see the rockstar PC persona soonest!

  12. I don’t know what is wrong with her these days.. She used to be an amazing dresser. But lately nothing seems to be working…She is going from one disaster to another


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