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Sisters Priya and Charu hosted the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2010 collection in Delhi wearing tops from the brand. Charu went a matching route opting for a grey layered top paired with grey denims and a grey Balenciaga bag. Older sister Priya also wore a grey layered top but paired hers with a light distressed denims and blue Marc Jacobs Beat bag.

Like Priya’s contrast look (not the denims) but loving Charu’s all-grey look way more.

P.S. The spring collection is in store now at the DLF Emporio Mall.

More pics inside.


Left: Charu Sachdev at Marc By Marc Jacobs Collection Launch, Delhi
Right: Marc By Marc Jacobs Layered Top


Left: Priya Sachdev Chatwal at Marc By Marc Jacobs Collection Launch, Delhi
Right: Marc By Marc Jacobs Layered Vest Top


Charu Sachdev at Marc By Marc Jacobs Collection Launch, Delhi


Priya Sachdev Chatwal at Marc By Marc Jacobs Collection Launch, Delhi

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  1. EEUW to both their jeans..and shouldnt’ they have been wearing a bit more Marc Jacobs when launching the store? And shouldn’t they have been a bit more dressed up (i.e. no ugly denim) ? Or are the ugly denims part of the Marc Jacobs collection?

    • exactly my point P n P can sometimes be way off the mark i m surprised that P n P does not think charu’s outfit is a match much …. frankly i think charu’s outfit is boring …. the top n the denims are not something worth mentioning at all …. they are so ordinary n unflaterring ….ewwww n about priya the lesser said the better

    • I really fail to understand whats o ugly about destressed denims, i feel they are cool and HOW….

      it depends how you wear it, u cant pair it with some corset or kurta and stuff. works great with nautical stripe vest and greys, i <3 evrything witha bit of "emo" to it 🙂

      • Not all distressed denim is ugly, but firstly this is not event appropriate, and secondly the ones on the sachdev sisters ARE ugly!

        • Nah ill have to deny that, yes i do feel there are great ones out there, but these are not bad either, its just that this pretty top was not a right choice. Im 100% sure that it would have looked great in person than in picture.

  2. Ugly denims. Really ugly and not feeling Priya’s bag with what she’s wearing at all (Marc Jacobs or not – she could’ve found one from the collection that worked a bit more with the outfit). At all!!!

  3. Looks like these girls can do no wrong in your books! 🙂

    Looks like Grey threw up all over Charu and if literally anyone else wore the jeans Priya is wearing, P n P would’ve have hated them. (although, i think of the two, Priya’s looks is a tad bit better)

    just calling a spade – a spade

    • agreed !! i dont like nothin abt the looks except their handbagsss..specially the one priya’s is holdinggg!!!
      i totally agree on the jeans point!!

  4. This style is what I wear to school.. They didn’t dress up, but Marc by Marc Jacobs is a more casual line. So I think they look OK. I like Priya’s top a lot. But the jeans are a bit too distressed.

  5. You don’t need to buy these so-called ‘cute’ tank tops from Marc Jacobs…you’ll get similar ones for about 100-200 Rs from Sarojini Nagar in Delhi.

  6. They both look horrible…except for their bags nothing is good about their outfits…and the tops are so bad…if not for designer i will not even given them a 2nd look


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