Cover Wars!

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Both Maxim and Grazia had Preity Zinta wearing Gauri-Nainika on the March 2010 covers. Question is, which cover do you prefer?


Left: Maxim India Mar 2010
Right: Grazia India Mar 2010

Photo Credit: PreityZintaFanClub

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  1. The Maxim picture looks heavily photoshopped! Those shoulders look sharp enough to cut through steel. Even the colours are unnaturally bright…atleast the warmer tone of the Grazia cover looks normal.

    • yup agree! such lack of imagination on both of them.. from someone as stylish as preity zinta both could have done far far better

  2. she might be looking good but are these covers oh-so-predictable and boring or what. shame how such big magazines would give us cliche photoshoots rather than creativity

  3. Should we even be discussing photoshop here, something that so deeply associated with magazine covers. It is as if you are complaining about the presence of a song in an Indian movie. In both cases, you cant separate one from the other

  4. oohhh god can i say how much i HATE air brushing photo shopping sheesh!! i wanna get back to the old ages!!
    They ruined her natural beauty by doing this !!!


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