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Of the ladies featured below (who are designers themselves) from the recent luncheon, it was easy for us to pick a clear favorite… Pratima. Love the neon against her skin-tone and, the accessories take the dress up a notch. So fun! Ramona’s though good, was same-ol’, same-ol’. Which brings us to, Anjalee Kapoor. Neither the dress nor the accessories work; so unflattering.

L To R: Pratima Gaurav, Ramona Narang And Anjalee Kapoor At L’Officiel’s 10th Anniversary Lunch

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  1. This Anjalee lady is supposed to be a designer..?? as in the professional who is supposed to tell other people how to dress well according to their shape and how to accessorize?? what a joke?

  2. I would never buy an Anjalee Kapoor dress because if you cant understand your own body, how the hell are u going to do it for others?

  3. Protima has a toes overhang and has matched the little sphere thingy on her toe to the one on her neck. How is she not a WTH? Turth be told none of them fit the bill. Anjalee Kapoor comes closest except for the bangs

  4. My take on this

    1. The dress on Pratima makes her look wider or bigger whtever u call it. Her toes are hanging out.
    2.Ramona looks decent .
    3. She is definite contender of wth.

  5. am not sure that awkward drape on the hip is doing Pratima any favours, but the colour is sure delish on her. love the accessorising but that ball on the slipper is a bit much!


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