Of Dresses: Part Deux

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We saw solids at this do, we also saw plenty of prints as well. Of the three here though, Nandita was a clear favorite in her ikat tunic dress paired with the neon-ish orange Choos with Maheep (in Missoni) coming in a close second.

Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t hating on Anu. Just wish that she’d gone for a smaller bag (in lieu of the Hermès tote) and let the citrus-print dress shine out more.

Nandita Mahtani, Maheep Kapoor and Anu Dewan at L’Officiel 10th Anniversary Lunch

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  1. Are you kidding me? Anu looks drop dead gorgeous. Her style mantra and me are so alike its scary. Anu always looks nicely put together . It would certainly be nice to have you guys say something positive about her for a change.

    • Its to ward off evil eye.
      Don’t believe in it if you don’t want to (like me) but don’t criticize it. its not worn particularly as an accessory to make her ankle look more gorgeous!

      • it’s perfectly acceptable to criticize the concept of wearing that black thread as it’s not a part of any religion. it just advertises the fact that one is so paranoid that other people will be jealous of them. that’s sad that people go around with such a depressing view of their fellow human beings that they have to resort to wearing black threads.

        • I agree its has no religious or scientific basis but this is a fashion blog and judging someone on personal choices is not perfectly acceptable. She wears it for reasons thats have nothing to do with fashion! (I assume)

    • Its not an anklet. Its pretty common in India to wear a black thread on your right leg- the belief is it wards of ‘nazar’. Some even wear it around their waist (usually infants).

  2. Maheep looks super classy…Nandita’s dress though nice is more beach appropriate, over a bold orange bikini maybe…as for Anu, bored of her Birkins, yawn!

  3. You’ve got to be kidding!!! Right?!?!

    Absolutely no resemblance whatsoever…….even if I was absolutely drunk and virtually blind I would still NEVER see even the slightest of resemblance.

    • oops half my message wasn’t posted……was going to add…..also like the other two Anu and Nandita but I really like Missoni these days.


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