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While a lot of you didn’t much care for Natasha’s appearance from last time (Payal included), I actually did. The formal cocktail dress with the crazy heels was a fun twist. To me, the dress would’ve worked equally well for an uptown cocktail affair with a pair of pumps or say on someone like Shruti Hassan while performing with her grunge band… comes down to how it was styled. And I didn’t mind the way Natasha styled it on herself and to me she didn’t look overwhelmed by her outfit at all.

But even I can’t justify this recent look of hers. Spotted in an Oscar de la Renta top (and we think the suit is too), this look was just way too matronly. The overdone gold accessories with the gold suit only reminded us of a wizened old English woman at tea (no offense to English women but you get the drift) or an aggressive cougar and it’d be safe to say, neither was a ‘look’ Natasha was going for.


Natasha Poonawala At HDIL Race

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. OMG this is too much of gold for me asif Midas’s chariot ran over her, ilike the overall look but that golden jimmy choo with golden belt and clutch with a complete golden suit is not well suited for me. i like her hair, but the makeup is too delhi wannabes type

  2. is it a surprise that i’ve never liked anything this lady has worn. never. EVER! and as much as i hate looking at this pic of her, i cant help but like that skirt she’s wearing. the skirt alone. i can think of a thousand ways to make that skirt look classy, but leave it to natasha to spoil it all! i mean, LOOK AT HER! there’s gold even in her shades!

  3. Oh lord can people be this insane?! Looks like as if she’s come out of a gold factory LMAO Gold suit?! Gimme a break for heaven’s sake!! Lady you need to articulate some basic sense in your dressing style!!

  4. overkill. She is a lovely lady, but I guess wants to come back with a bang after having the baby, and show the world she is back in shape….Hate the hair.

  5. Ouch some of the comments on here are seriously vicious 😀

    The thing is I can never really hate any of Natasha’s outfits because she always looks like she is having SO. MUCH. FUN with her clothes and accesories and she’s never afraid to try out even the most radical of looks (the MCQueen for example)

    Sure she doesnt carry everything off and she makes a lot of faux paux but sometimes she does get it right (her chanel suit or the gucci dress with orange shoes or her black leger) and the rest of the times? She’s just a fashion loving woman who’s totally indulging her (sometimes wacky) style sense. And that isnt so bad either.
    As far as Im concerned she’s a welcome respite from all the brikin carrying, mango and Manish Malhothra wearing socialites on this blog


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