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Dear Ms. Ahuja, trying to dress up a pair of Adidas tights with a boyfriend blazer and a Chanel bag just won’t cut it. No. No. No.

Narmada Ahuja At A Birthday Do

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  1. Hmm, I’ve seen far worse things on here that didn’t make the WTHeyyy cut. It’s the end effect of the look that matters, not the fashion rules that say don’t combine this or that. The end effect does not look un-put-together at all to me.

  2. i wouldn’t have realised they were adidas tights until you said so. defs not WTHEYYY material.

    The land of fashion faux-pas that India is, there are far worse dressed people than this chick.

  3. innerwear showing, adidas tights and bad footwear , still i dont feel like hating her look. and she surely looks sparkly, her face and eyes totally makes up for her choice of attire.
    Not WTHEY definitely

  4. I think the look would have worked if the tights reached those ankles and the shoes were ballerina flats or stilettos. If there was one thing that did it it was the shoes that threw the baby and the bath water out. Why are we dissing Adidas btw? High street meets Designer meets Vintage second hand shop meets whatever whenever – it’s the trend here to stay!

  5. I don’t find this wthey at all !! She’s simply so effortless and cool !!! Plsss c wot other stars have done in the past !! Phew !! Love it !! ESP: the Chanel bag !

  6. I don’t like what she’s wearing but agree that you are being unfair. We’ve seen much worse that you haven’t called WTHey. Case in point: Sona Mohapatra’s latest appearance.

  7. I don’t like the look. I would never wear something like this but this is definitely not Wtheyyy. Wtheyy is a class apart.


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