An Upgrade!

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It ain’t the best but anything would be an upgrade compared to the disaster from her previous appearance. Agree?

nandita_toronto_dubai1.jpg nandita_toronto_dubai_festival_party1.jpg

Nandita Das, Dubai Film Festival Party at Toronto International Film Festival 2008


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  1. She has such a fabulous smile…dont you think? I really like Nandita Das …somehow she seems like the type I would wanna be friends with(whatever that means!!! RME!!!) I thinks she looks beautiful here… frankly I dont care too much what she wears…I think she is always pretty in such a non-cookiecutter, non-bollywood kind of way!!

  2. Dont like the outfit but after seeing her in very unfashionable and drab clothes for a while, she looks beautiful here.. not sure what that collar thing around her neck is though:-) I think this is the first time I’ve seen her in denim!!

  3. Not sure. Definitely a step up, but that dog collar and that cinched belt (or is it a giant button on the outer jacket/garment?) has me going mehhh…

    Truth be told, I find her to be a very safe dresser. She almost always wears Indian clothes, in Indian patterns and colors, so it’s not like we get to see her skill at putting outfits together. Or she goes low-key with jeans and a desi shawl. I’ve *never* seen her in Western formal wear. Can someone dig up a pic, if one exists?

  4. Something bout this emsemble doesn’t feel well put-together. Is it the jeans (the style) that’s not right or the shawl (although, by itself the shawl is really nice). I like that top. And am not liking that patta around her neck.

  5. hahhaa! how many layers does she have going for her.. there is a top, then that jacket with that belt kind of thing in the front and then the stole.. she is trying to indianize a western dress, here? and yes that dog collar is rubbish.. not a good look – but her personality shines thru

  6. the jeans cud have been a narrow one….the shoes cud have been awsome…sleeves cud have been folded rather than wat she has done….if implemented these…the look cud’ve been “not quite bad” kind!..

  7. ditto ARATHI!!
    I just love her for not caring! She’s got a beautiful smile, beautiful complexion, charring eyes..
    if i look closely, the stole shade is gorgeous!


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