Fab Or Drab?

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We love that she always stays loyal to traditional Indian clothes especially when appearing at International Film Festivals. What do y’all think of this look? A definite marked improvement from the Tribeca Film Festival appearance or not?

(Also, we are glad she ditched the black-gold combination for now, nothing wrong with it (we even love it) but makes for a good change!)

Nandita Das At Toronto International Film Festival

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  1. Personally, I don’t mind at all what Nandita Das wears at these events. She just has so much personality that I can’t bother looking for shallow details. And just for the record, I find her quite beautiful too. Rock on, Nandita!

  2. yuck! i know these lehenga skirt types.. they can look drab if not worn right.. and its not worn right here.. the length of the kurti should have been shorter.. it should have been more fitting.. i could go on..and i dont think she is wearing heels? she should have

  3. the skirt should have covered her feet and the kurta could’ve been shorter… but the whole ensemble is passable. not great, just ok.

  4. The top would have worked with a more fitted bottom, or the bottom would have worked with a more fitted top. Both pieces individually look good; together, they’re simply too balloon-like, na?

  5. the long skirt is too hippyish for an important international event. she’s a young good looking woman who would have easily been able to carry off something more fitted. anyways, all in all our girls (preity, neha, nandita, twinkle) have done a brilliant job at looking smart, stylish and elegant at the film festival.

  6. she stays true o her roots.
    Always seen in traditional hindustani get ups at numerous international events.
    An absolute joy to see this talented woman who does not give in to the pressures of being a part of the herd.Unlike one of her look alikes- Chitraganda Singh .


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