In Shivan & Narresh

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Not predictable this one. Love that Mansi keeps changing it up! This Shivan & Narresh wasn’t one of the more safer choices and while it may not be for everyone, we absolutely loved it. Mansi sure wears it well.

This isn’t the first time Mansi’s worn Shivan & Narresh either, remember this one?

Mansi Scott At An Audi Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Love Mansi…Love Shivan & Narresh – but this one is straight out of Star Trek!!! Still kudos to Mansi for taking on this dress and actually looking good in it….

  2. hahaha…looks like one of those costumes actors wear to look overweight on screen. Silly outfit, absolutely nothing to like about!

    • Like the ones Courtney Cox wore in friends to make her look fat. looks like she is wearing some foam/cardboard dress for costume party or fancy dress party.I dn like.

  3. is it made of foamy, packing material stuff? thats not experimenting, thats buying clothes when you are still high. i know.

  4. Color combo is the only good thing .
    Infact i hate the poofiness of this foam top and triangular skirt.
    how can anyone make or wear such dresses

  5. As much as one may give her marks for changin it up..but guys come on..
    it looks like sofa foam fabric and makes her look sooo foward is one thing but this looks like a fashion Fat Suit. Hope she got it for free and didnt actually Pay to wear this

  6. The foam is atleast 2 sizes too big for her, especially the top half. How can designers not see that when selling to a client.

  7. Colour is nice but the shape..especially the shoulder part is making her look so big. Anyone know what material the top is made of?


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