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Close on the heels of Cheryl And Sarah Jessica, Malaika sported big hair at an Audi event wearing a Vikram Phadnis gold top and her favorite leather pants.

We know Ms. Arora can do so much better but for the life of us cannot understand why she chose to style herself in a look that belonged more on a Jersey Shore kid. Major dislike.

P.S. Not that it made much of a difference, but the regular hair (3rd pic) looked so much better.

Malaika Arora at Audi Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I also think a different top would have made a major difference. I kind of have a rule about not wearing 2 skin-tight items or 2 revealing items. So for example, if you show your legs in a mini, then you cover your cleavage. Likewise, with these pants I think Malaika should have going for a more loose-fitting top to make the outfit look fashion-forward rather than slutty. A slouchy jumper or a swingy tank top would have both worked a lot better! Even a blazer over the existing top would have been a positive step!

  2. Love the big hair, it took away some attention from the pants. Notice, without the puffy hair it’s all about the pants.

    I do wonder though how one gets into pants such as these, she looks like she’s been poured into them. But O what a lovely figure the lady has! Stay beautiful! Stay happy!

  3. I’m gettin bored of HHC. You post at the rate of one appearance every two days or one day a most. 🙁 I understand that you might have day jobsbut why make us suffer the ads if that is the case? There are so many Sonam appearances in Cannes that you didn’t even feature. I miss HHC. 🙁

  4. She’s lost the plot! Its a luxury car event not one for biker babes! And come on there’s an age u can wear leather pants m not sure where this event was held but in delhi or mumbai heat tht’s a very sticky outfit to pull off wid a smile.

    1. My god that hair is fierce!
    2. A welcome respite from a thigh-grazing mini and wannabe pout.
    3. She’s the only person I know who can pull of those leggings – did anyone say mother-of-two???

  6. The only thing i like about this look are those shoes yummy ..
    can the bollywood babes pls stop ‘aping” hollywood trends , they just land up looking like apes (read the big hair trend). How about being original .

  7. Eww…even her fab figure cant save those leather pants..! And its not appropriate for the event or weather or decade. Hate the big hair too.

  8. I am so much on the fence about those pants.
    Its amazing that she can actually get into those pants… but then its a completely different question as to whether its any good after getting into it!!


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