The Blues

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Stars of a new Netflix show, both Maheep and Bhavna picked blue for recent round of festivities. Like one look more over the other?

Maheep Kapoor (Left) And Bhavna Pandey

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. SO ugly! 🙁 Hurts my eyes…. And on the whole reality show topic…
    My head already hurts… thinking about these women!!
    Thanks for the warning!!
    Money does NOT equal style OR Class
    Bollywood proves it every day!

  2. People are definitely going to hate on it, but I’m quite excited for their show. It’s going to be the classy trash reality tv show India was missing.

    • Could have been, in theory, but from the trailer, it looks like rehearsed/scripted lines said by forcefully created ‘personas’ rather than anything even remotely authentic. Plus, the lineup is missing the real big guns (Gauri, Suzanne, Twinkle – though all of them are definitely more than just star wives at this point).

      Regarding the outfits in this post – just bad.

  3. I think more than stars of a Netflix show, they are better addressed and known as Karan Johars friends 😉 Neither of the looks is good enough to be noticed or written about on the HHC pages in my opinion!

  4. None of the “looks” work ..
    Maheep’s outfit is tacky af & Bhavana dug up something from the 90s ?

    On a side note, the show should have been called “Unreal housewives of Bollywood rejects” !
    First Indian Matchmaking & now this , Netflix India’s “reality show” game is subpar n borderline regressive!

    • I dont think a show that depicted the truth about arranged marriage in the Indian community can be called regressive, it simply showed the actual situation. The majority of weddings in india take place in the same fashion, unfortunately or fortunately. I would give kudos to netflix for making a fairly broad Indian related content, Indian matchmaking is just one part of it. Never have I Ever and A Suitable Boy were both pretty good, and I was amazed that it took netflix to bother adapting that fantastic novel on the screen.

      • Never have i ever was a Netflix US show..
        A suitable boy is bbc show ..
        Just coz they star desi actors n Netflix acquired OTT rights for it doesn’t mean they are produced by Netflix ..
        My issue with IMM wasn’t about the arrange marriage part it was about how the host/ match maker wanted the girls to compromise… that mindset is what i found regressive..

          • Agreed its a harsh reality ..
            But Netflix should have made a show about arranged marriages are regressive rather than basing a show on it n promoting the thought process.
            They need to be more responsible thats all


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