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Somebody has been a bad, bad girl!!

Oh my gawd, where does one even begin with this ‘Vegas-Dive-Bar-Cocktail-Waitress-At-The-End-Of-Her-Shift’ look…?

And yes, that is her inner-wear peaking out, polka-dotted and all…like we didn’t already have enough to need therapy, now she throws that in our face…

Am done ranting. Now need to go rinse my eyes. Then repeat.


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  1. I guess because I don’t know who she is I don’t really care.. it’s like picking an ordinary girl off the street and posting her on the site…

  2. @sharin… she’s Madhoo…do you remember Ajay Devgan’s first movie? Phool Aur Kaante i think, yeh she was his leading lady.
    she couldn’t become as big in bwood, so i think she went down south?

    i’ve never liked her anyways…lol when i was little it was because i thought she had copied Madhuri’s name and just shortened it…mind u, Madhuri was my fave…so i was bound to think odd! loL

  3. haha i agree sharin, who wants to comment on a random-er.. or a has been or someone who never was!

    like those random people featured on the site.. it just feels wrong to like comment on them

  4. Was she attending any event dressed like that? she is intentionally showing the polka dot piece coz he wants to look like the bad girl

  5. did she do well in the south though? or is she just married to some super rich guy who buys her expensive ugly clothes and multiple birkins??? it seems a bit unfair that being such a nobody, she has stuff.

  6. Hey that is madhoo (or madhubala down south) who has worked with maniratnam in his movie “ROJA” which was the debut vehicle of AR rahman!! and to boot she is related to HemaMalini – some cousin or other. and she is married to a superrich chap besides being born into a superrich family!!

  7. Poor poor thing! I’m goin to take pity on her bcuz I dont think the polka-dot show was intentional. She probab didnt know it was poking out.
    But otherwise, dreadful jacket!

  8. Ohh… ok I watched Roja but don’t remember Phool Aur Kante although I’ve heard of the movie. This site has proved the saying true “money can’t buy class”


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