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Mandira Bedi can do so much better than the lackluster printed dresses she seems to favor again and again!


Mandira Bedi

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  1. Can you guys post a link to an article of when you DID think Mandira dressed well? I just don’t see the point of putting people up on a style blog who consistently dress bad.

  2. Boring. And I kinda don’t like those kind of sandals.. They look like comfort wear rather than something I would wear to fashion week!!!
    @ Sharin: Now that is just unfair. Please search for Twinkle, Katrina, Queenie, and Karishma and I guess your point just doesn’t hold up.

  3. I’m not sure I understand your comment Priyanka. Are you saying that Twinkle etc consistently dress bad and that therefore they shouldn’t be on a fashion blog as well?

    My point was that if Mandira hasn’t exactly been a stylish person..ever.. or consistently recently.. what’s the point of putting her on a style blog? It’s just that in most of the posts about Mandira that I’ve seen the looks were either not appreciated or there was no comment made that it was appreciated. Maybe they were but they weren’t mentioned. A half hearted compliment “but yet is the best we’ve seen her looking in the longest time” was said about Mandira in July! As for Twinkle off hand I know that there are def looks that have been appreciated so clearly she deserves to be on a fashion site and I really can’t be bothered to search up the other girls.

    That’s just how I feel but if the writers of this blog want to then of course they can write about whoever they want! That’s just my opinion and I fully realize that no one is forcing me to click on Mandira’s photo 🙂

  4. Sharin, Mandira is a celeb in India, like her or not, she does get a lot of press, for being who she is…now if she is a good dresser is a matter of opinions, some people think she is fabulous….in everything she does…I personally like her personality – bubbly, but do not like her dress sense, but that is my opinion…I know that in Masala magazine in Dubai she is frequently featured for her style quotient!!!!

  5. Mandira is a disaster! The dress is very Fashion-Street-ish and so are the accessories. The problem with her hair isn’t that its short, its that she always wears it the same way(read BORING). Am sure she has a decent amount of money, she needs to hire a stylist pronto!

  6. I actually like the dress and she carries it well, she could have done with another pair of shoes!! Something bright that would ahve made the dress pop!


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