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A dull lackluster printed dress and a poorly executed color-block dress ruin what’s left of cheery sunny days this season.

Mandira Bedi At Canali Launch
Suchitra Krishnamurthy At A Brunch

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  1. really there is one thing about bad dressing, it just is such a shock to the senses, that for once I am speechless about Suchitra’s dress and pose and chappals

  2. Suchitra looks like she forgot to wear a churidar :D.. but poor thing…my heart reelie goes out to her for what she’s going thru in her life! 🙁

  3. hmm. i am soo fed up with mandira bedi.. please retire already..
    and Suchi.. hmm.. are you raiding your daughter Kaveri’s wardrobe… divorce and done number on you..

  4. Malini, totally agree with you. I think Mandira should retire pronto. I am so SICK of her and her desperate attempts at proving she is a fashion diva.

    Suchitra really needs helps, help in more ways than just fashion.

  5. How old does Suchitra think she is? 15? The colours, the pose – good heavens! And is that a fabric flower necklace dangling from her neck?

    Yeah, I’m guessing she’s totally lost it after separating from Shekhar. But by all accounts they are back together – or is that just a stray rumour?


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