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When it rains, it pours? Giving us our second sighting of Richard Quinn of the day was Ms. Sanon at the IIFA Rocks events in Abu Dhabi. She also opted to wear her strapless gown with a sleek updo but opted for a winged eye. I felt a red or coral lip was needed here.

Anushka Sharma

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Embed from Getty Images

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  1. Something about the make up and hair style is making both Anushka and Kriti’s head become oversized ?

    Plus the black gown looks terrible

    Anushka’s gown looked great

  2. Something is off about Kirti in these pictures. She looks uncomfortable unsure where to put her hands. Her make up is off and the hair looks too chipku

  3. Now that’s a real coincidence given Richard Quinn isn’t that popular among Bolly girls for a similar outing on the same day to be likely…

  4. Is this even the same designer? It’s like someone designed this from a fuzzy memory of Anushka’s dress with terrible material, and even styled Kriti from that same memory. Ms. Sanon can do way better!

    • Kristi looks awesome irrespective but it’s a bad dress, the black portion looks too crumpled like withered flowers and the rest of dress is like a threaded winter dress. I don’t think there’s a comparison of statures, Anushka didn’t particularly look great in hers but the look was exotic and the colors helped.

  5. Indian red carpet has some one the worst background , lightning and ‘red carpet’ to take picture in . I understand the business need to splash the logos of sponsors but there should be some place where a decent photo can be clicked .Afterall what’s the point of dressing up, hair make up etc

  6. The makeup – especially the brows and the wings – look bad and too harsh on her.

    The dress looks like it is made out of crepe paper and doormat – craft project gone wrong vibes.

    Not a great look, but not one of her worst.


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