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After walking the red carpet, Anushka attended the Loreal Awards event wearing Prada keeping her finishing touches the same. Ms. Sharma looked nice but when you look at the outfit itself, it wasn’t one that I was loving. I found the two train ends and the length of the pants awkward.

What did you think of her second outing?

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  1. Ater the 1960s Western fashion pretty much lost its way and now in the 21st century uses celebs and influencers to pretend its all very fabulous and creative and covetable. Pity Indian women are also on this silly train (pun intended).

    PS: Anushka can sell anything, my comment is on the clothing.

  2. Love this look. It’s structured, directional and not frothy. Its experimental while being whimsical. Anushka knows what she is doing. No stylist promoted unknown designers, no chicanery just an elegantly turned out film actor. Aishwarya used to be like this, she used to give that movie star look when she turned up but now its all about unknown designers, big frothy gowns and viral insta moments. The fact that a lot of people are not liking this look and its not going viral makes me happy.

  3. Take off the trains or tails, fitted pants, better designed top in the same color and fabric – this would have been a winner all the way.

    But she is still selling this to me.

  4. Top looks like a skirt with those trains to actually tighten and tie the skirt.
    But now it is folded and work as top.
    Top itself is weird but Anushka has always this vibe of happily connected to inner self and nothing external will impact much.


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