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Pretty woman. Bad choices. There are just way too elements in her look that fight for attention, if only she had scaled it down!

For more pictures from the event go Here!


Raveena Tandon


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  1. yeah i agree too many elements, but she has made such an effort to lose the weight..
    big step up from the black velvet hideous outfit of the past….
    the sarii is pretty though…

  2. On the positive side, she looks slim and her hair+makeup is fab.
    The earrings are really ugly. And that thing in her hand looks like lota of some sort!

  3. She turned 35 on that day in Dubai, I think she looks awesome, yeh the earing are huge but shes in dubai, anything goes there!! She has lost so much weight! Cant wait till she comes back to films! ppl ppl please stop criticising her at least shes not wearing skimpy outfits!

  4. i’ve always thought tht raveen tandon is really attractive and very pretty.
    but whts with the sense of clothes and accessories. in this day and age with all the travel and the fashion mags one can easily learn how to put a look together well. SAD, Really..

  5. She has very stunning classic features, and I applaud her for toning her body. The sari itself isn’t bad, but the earrings and slightly too heavy makeup make the entire outfit a little too much. I would love to see her in a simple sari or churidar outfit.


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