The Case Of The Shortening Hemline!

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Who would’ve thought that Priyanka Chopra’s hemlines would be an economic indicator…? As the days go by, the economy isn’t the only thing in a slump, P.C’s hemlines seem to be taking a nose-dive too!!


‘Fashion’ Premiere


Above (L To R): ‘Drona Premiere’, White Ribbon Event
Below (L To R): ‘ Tahaan Premiere’, ‘Drona’ Music Launch, ‘Drona’ Promotional Event


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Update: Changed Pics

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  1. haha good one!
    i dont knw.. but personally with so many MEN around, i’d feel sooo uncomfortable wearing a dress like that! how does she do it??
    again.. her choice of dressing is sooo boring and predictable! she really needs to get a grip!

  2. She does look hot! I love the look.. boring only because she does it so often but she does do it well. She’s def got the legs for it.

  3. This girl never ever excites me. There’s no wow factor when it comes to her. She never had any. How the hell did she become a miss world looking like this and giving a crappy answer? Anyways, she looks her old boring self. Time for a change, Priyanka.

  4. @Genie – I couldn’t agree more. I never find Priyanka appealing. Maybe because she never looks chic or sophisticated.
    @Ritu – She has definitely got her lips collagen-ed/silicon-ed whatever and also a nose job. She confessed to the nose job in print sometime after winning Miss India.

  5. Priyanka is a pretty girl.. but like Genie said, she’s never “Wow!!” like say Shilpa Shetty or even the other Ex Miss World (aka Bachchan bahu).

    At the Fashion premiere, she looks like she’s going for the “This is my Black…I have to shine at the premiere” look… so literally she got herself a blingey shiny gold dress…

  6. her make up is great at the fashion premier…
    she definately has the body to carry of a teeny weeny bling dress….
    but she shld have gone for nude underwear, coz i can see her black undie…

  7. i think she is very pretty, but as a lot of others have said, she’s pretty in a very average, girl next door type of way. she is not stunning or anything. add to that her boring style sense: it is neither great, nor awful. priyanka’s style has no personality.

    honestly, dresses that are way too short just look really sleazy to me. that short a dress is just plain classless.

  8. she not at all none of the dress plus her hairstyle ..i dnt knw wats wrong wit her she never looks breathtakin or gorgeous..she n her stylist have a lt of work to do

  9. There’s a lot of unnecessary hatred here. If I had those legs and that figure, those are the dresses you would catch me in. She looks fabulous!

  10. she’s average looking. there are tons of indian girls more beautiful than her. i think she’s successful bcos she played the game right by working hard, getting along with everyone and not getting entangled in any problems or controversies.

  11. Isn’t it the other way round, that hemlines go UP as the economy does WELL – not the other way round?
    Or is it different in Chopra-land?

  12. hahahah economy indicator…as an avid fan of fashion and a finance professional, id say that is probably one of the best jokes ever 😉

  13. that metalic dress IS hot!
    she has nice legs and is at the proper age to show her legs like so (as opposed to say, 15 Tealor Momsen) so why not!

  14. hee hee!! good one p&p. I don’t mind such short dresses but not for a premiere…clubbing maybe. But she is smiling 🙂

  15. she experiments with her looks a lot more than most american celebs i can think of; i think she is very cute!! jennifer aniston is always in jeans, angelina jolie always in black…but i always see priyanka in diff colors and cuts! some flatter more than others…so what…she still has a awesome bod !!

  16. I like Priyanka but she looks self-conscious and uncomfortable in all those outfits. IMO she is trying too hard to be fashionable.