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Kareena was spotted in an ombre MM Fall 09 sari at a recent event wherein she was announced/revealed as the next brand ambassador for Gitanjali Parineeta

It’s a look we’ve seen on her before… the whole sheer, slightly blingy sari paired with the barely there blouse…

Her sari though blingier than what we had seen on the Fall runway, was far less impressive. And not just because of the overexposure of these MM saris! 😉

(P.S: If you recall, Priyanka Chopra too was seen in a version of this sari not too long ago!)


Kareena Kapoor At Gitanjali Parineeta Event


Manish Malhotra Fall 09

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Ok, PnP, why are you guys not calling her out on her raccoon eyes this time? She has the raccoon eyes , always, and no matter what her outfit is, her make up is always the same , except for photo shoots, then other people are in charge.
    This soft look doesn’t soften her features, she doesn’t look good. Such sarees are best suited for Aish.

  2. I loved the saree that priyanka wore at the IIFA, except the blouse. Kareena’s saree could have been better if it was in different color.

  3. ahh…though we have seen zillions of MM’s such sarees….the one kareena is wearing right now is a very cute combination…perfect for sucha a function!!.yet I still am with you guys on MM’s sarees becoming Yawnn…Yawwwwwwnnnnnnn….still yawning!!

  4. she looks great! agree that the previous white one was better…guess the designers need to start getting more creative so it doesnt look repetitive.

  5. I agree would’ve loved to see her in that Black and red sari instead of this bland number.Not liking her hair either, she definitely could’ve done better than this!

  6. what a boring look! Wish she wears a different, maybe more traditional looking saree sometime, it doesnt hurt and they look cool too.

  7. I love her but I am soooo tired of this look of hers. She needs to experiment with different designers for Indian wear. How long is Manish going to continue this? I’m just glad to see that she knows how to drape a saree unlike Priyanka.

  8. i agree with nelly! black and red would have better..

    however something funny with the eyebrows..

    karishma’s face looks much fresher and better… bebo shud find her secret..

  9. I have nothing to complain coz I heart this collection of MM. I think even her saree is a cute combo of colours though my fav is the green.

  10. While MM is stuck in a rut, I love the colours of this saree! Also Kareena is looking very nice, especially in the second photo. Hair can be better though. Like the fact that its not draped only on one boob

  11. the sari aint that bad but the color of the garment requires softness to make the look perfect… n in this pic kareena is everythin but feminine n soft

  12. OK .. MM is seriously over-rated.
    Even I could create one good lace-gota-bead-sequin involving design and do various versions of it in beautiful color combos… This is serious over-kill!! And what is it exactly with our Bollywood actresses,, the obsession with MM… why can’t they think beyond him when it comes to saris /lehengas/suits??

  13. aaahhhhhhh…the green one!! me wants it

    P&P: is it possible to get the price range for these sarees?? *hint: green saree* prettyy plzz :D:D

  14. OMG I second everyone who’s saying this..seriously what’s with this MM sari obsession, his designs are the SAME over and over and over again, except for a few all of them are blingy and OTT! So overrated grrrrr
    And now Kareena, she has the potential to do so much better! This is quite dissapointing..hope she does something innovative at her next awards

  15. i love her sari and its color…n she llooks gorg, her make up is well done too, thats not racoon eyes and it is professionally done

  16. This is a ‘Oh so boring’ look.. Bad enough we have to see this in enough bollywood films as the heroine trudles towards you in a similar chiffon horror in slow motion but to see this on actresses trying to look indian, sexy and serene in real life is even more frightening

  17. kareena`s fashon choices are pathetic
    the raccoon eyes make her look drunk and weird and she certainly has the money to afford better clothes and shoes or hire a better make-up person.
    her saris are BORING


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