You Better Agree. With Koel, That Is.

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It doesn’t say much if the only piece that we love on Koel is the Jessica Kagan Cushman ‘You can agree with me or you can be wrong’ bangle.

The high-waisted polka dot skirt look isn’t bad but the letdown are those shoes that barely gel with the rest of her ensemble. Colored pumps is what this outfit needs to reflect the spunk of the bracelet.

P.S. You don’t have to ‘agree‘ with me on this one. 😛

P.P.S. Catch more pictures at ‘The Gallery’.


Left: Koel Purie at Iosis Spa Launch
Right (Below): Jessica Kagan Kushman “You Can Agree With Me…” Bracelet

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. No I have to disagree with you: I don’t think anything can salvage this outfit, let alone a pair of colored pumps. it’s just all wrong.

    i don’t get why people older than 5th graders feel the need to wear clothes/accessories with stupid slogans like that. it’s quite pathetic i feel, and distracting from fashion. One should not have to “wear” the statement to make it. You’re meant to exude a statement.

  2. I love what she is wearing but everything else (the bag, bangles, shoes) have to go. Coloured pumps would have only helped is she was in black completely. Here the polka-dotted pencil skirt has broken the uniformity. She needs something more chic and powerful on her feet – in black.

  3. I totally agree with PeachBellini here. Don’t see why a statement-making accessory is necessary. I love those badges you get… but I wouldn’t wear them to a do or anything.


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