Clutch This


Jimmy Choo has come out with a set of limited edition minaudieres in collaboration with artist Rob Pruitt. The panda minaudieres are encrusted with more than eleven thousand Swarovski crystals which were hand applied. So what will this limited edition (of which only 12 are going to be available) cost? A mere $12,000.

We’re already wondering how soon before we get a spotting of one of the two on the swishy set. :P

So, if you had the ka-ching, would you buy this bling?

Jimmy Choo/Rob Pruitt Angel and Devil Minaudieres

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Ew. No. There are better ways to spend money. I just realized something. People who buy crazy expensive stuff like this don’t actually earn. They got someone else earning for them. I think if it’s your own hard earned money, you wouldn’t spend it on silly useless things like these.




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